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Re: Difference of height between partner
Posted by ME
5/29/2010  5:53:00 PM
Patrick-Yv. You could come down through the knees by several inches, and stay down. This should allow the lady to get her left hand into the correct position. Have you been told that the knees in the Tango veer in towards each other which should encourage you not to go in a straight line when dancing the Tango..Also if the the knees are in the correct place you will find you can use the inside edges of the feet better. Just as a reminder. If your head was touching the ceiling after bending through the knees. There it will stay touching the ceiling throughout the dance easpecialy on a Progresive Link. Whatever happens the man must not loose that straight back verticle look.
There is a very succesfull professional partnership between Warren Boyce who is very tall, and his wife and partner Kristy who is not very tall. They will be up there in quarter or semi finals later this week at Blackpool. Good luck. I think you have a excellent partner there.
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