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At dance classes, whats with these young girls who
Posted by WiseMan
6/14/2010  7:28:00 AM
Im a 24 year old guy that started going for Ballroom and Latin dance classes. I did it to help me with my confidence. Most of the women at these group classes are middle-aged, while there are a couple that are my age. The couple of young girls my age, I danced with but both had an excuse that their feet hurt. These were at two different times. The first class, one young girl couldnt dance with me AT ALL because her feet were hurting her badly. The second class, I danced with another young girl and we danced for a while, but she had to stop because her feet were hurting. Now this is probably just an excuse. My mom thinks so because she said its the #1 excuse women make to get out of dancing. I even did some research and its true. When women cant stand dancing with someone, they say their feet hurt so they can break away. The reason young women are like this is because they want to dance with a good leader.

Now thats what I find strange. This is a BEGINNERS class. So, I dont understand why these young women cant be cooperative and dance with a man who is also beginning. Youre not going to find many men at these dance classes, let alone one that can lead like a pro. So, what theyre expecting is a bit unusual. At least, Im not stepping on her feet or anything. And I try to be gentle when dancing. Some men do step on feet and theyre rough when leading. And the instructor told me that Im one of these few men thats picking up real fast. So, I know I will dance well in no time. It just takes time. I just wish these young girls would give me a chance.

And its funny. When I dance with the older women (40+), theyre all perfectly ok with dancing with me. They know were all beginning and they appreciate my effort. Yet, the young onesforget about it.

So, why on earth are young women so picky with whom theyre dancing with at a beginners group dance class?
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