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Kyle and Susan Webb--Rumba and Cha Cha timing
Posted by Danceagainsam
7/9/2002  10:14:00 AM
This instructor teaches Rumba to start with slow and then quick-quick, ie, Slow-quick-quick.

I have previously learned that one should start from the sides as quick-quick-Slow. This instructor teaches the Rumba as 3-and-4-1-2 it would appear, when compared with what I know before. The downbeat is slow according to Kyle. I have learned that the down beat is the first quick.

The flavor is a little different.

For Cha Cha, I was once taught that it should be 2-3-4-and-1, with the third Cha at one of the two downbeats. But kyle seems to have it simplified as 1-2-3and4, with 3and 4 as the Cha-Cha-Cha.

Is this simplification correct now? No first lead in step for the first measure is needed according to Kyle, it would appear.
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