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Re: At dance classes, whats with these young girls
Posted by dheun
6/15/2010  7:16:00 AM
Unless you have other intentions in mind, the age of your partners during a group lesson shouldn't matter. And it could be that the younger girls sense that you have other intentions in mind. That's not to say you do, but their perception is their reality. So keep that in mind. Otherwise, don't let it be a distraction of any kind. Concentrate on becoming a skilled and confident dancer, and partners who have the same goals and enjoy dancing will be available without much searching. You'll want a dance partner you are comfortable with once you move into one-on-one private sessions, if you go that route. This dance partner could be of any age. I have seen women 50 years old dancing with a partner who is 70, so there's no real "rules" in that regard when one is learning.
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