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Re: At dance classes, whats with these young girls
Posted by Telemark
6/15/2010  2:49:00 PM
There is another possible angle on this sort of situation (and I'm not seeking to suggest that it applies in this particular case).

Women not infrequently dance because they want men. This is particularly true of an older generation, who sometimes want the men more than they want to dance. One is the means to another. If the man in question JUST wants to dance, the ladies may well (correctly) interpret the signals, and move on, to other prey. We men will usually do well to stay very well clear of such entanglements.

It can work the other way too, of course: the man wants a partner (a mate) not a dance partner. As long as each party is honest about what they want, there is no harm done, but there is a good deal of exploitation, of all sorts, in the dance world, as in the world at large.
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