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My wedding choreography
Posted by johnhpower
6/15/2010  6:38:00 PM
I am getting married on 6/26 (made reference to it in a few posts) and after much effort we (fiancee is a pro, Fred Astaire trained and certified instructor) we have finally put together the following choreography. Now I hope I can remember it! We are starting with a FT, fading to a Tango and ending with a Waltz.


Feather Step
Reverse Turn
Feather Finish
Hover Telemark to PP
Pivot to Same Foot Lunge
Overspin exit
Chasse in Promenade Position
Ronde with Slip Pivot exit
Reverse Wave
Open Impetus Turn
Feather from Promenade Position
Link Step
Curved Feather
Top Spin
Reverse Turn
Left Whisk


Snap to PP on "Viva El Tango"
Hold 1 measure
LF Tango Walk
Back Chasse to PP
Natural Pivot Turn
Open Promenade
Outside Swivel
Tango Close
Viennese Cross
Recover to Closed Position
Double Fan
Tango Close (with rotation left)
Tango Walk to Promenade Position
Pivot to Drag
Closed Promenade
Back Corte


Box step
Box Step with Underarm Turn
Box Step
Hover Telemark to Promenade Position
Closed Wing
1-3 Rev. Turn
Underarm Chasse
1-3 Nat. Turn
Underarm Chasse
Open Left Turn
Hover Telemark to Promenade Position
Fred Astaire figure (sorry, don't know the name)
Side by Side Twinkles x 2
Curved Feather
Back Lock
Outside Spin
Hover Corte
Back Whisk (curved to DC floor alignment)
Closed Wing
Fallaway Slip Pivot
Recover (rotate to DC during this figure)
Chasse to Right
Outside Change ending in PP
Check/Slip Pivot
2 Change Steps
Hover Telemark to PP
Pivot to SFL
Overspin exit
Closed Wing
1-3 Rev. Turn
Left Whisk

It fits to the measure to the music so if I forget a figure I am in big trouble. I guess I will just revert to improvisation for the reminder of the specific dance and try to get back to the starting floor position for whatever dance is next.

If any of you dance this in your head and spot a problem let me know and I will take a look at it. The combo moves nicely around the floor.
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