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Re: At dance classes, whats with these young girls
Posted by dancer
6/21/2010  1:57:00 PM

Young ladies are just that. Young and immature.

I teach dance and this is a common issue how ever I do think it is the Instructors responsibility to teach these young ladies patients and why leads have a more challenging time picking up their steps.When I teach the young ladies they are also taught thank their leads. In the long run when they are older they will have leads to dance with. When leads get milage they will only dance with the ladies who try and appreciate them.

For now you are learning and who cares about age? Get good and let the younger girls start to wait in line to dance with you later.Right now just set yourself up for your future. Really when you turn 30 who is going to go to a Rave?Ballroom and Latin is always in style and always will be.
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