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re: Country Swing Question
Posted by Ghostdancer
2/14/2003  5:26:00 PM
Three years ago I went to the monthly swing dance held downtown here and was dancing with a lady as I normally do and was rudely told that "I don't want to do country swing" with patterns I learned in ECS.

So I guess that some patterns primarily done using the arms and hands are thought of by some people as country swing. I should mention that this dance I speak of is given by a group of primarily lindy hoppers, but is not limited to lindy hop.

"Dancing is a contact sport; football is a hitting sport" - Vince Lombardi
re: Country Swing Question
Posted by twnkltoz
2/14/2003  4:41:00 PM
I asked my husband, who came from a country and WC Swing background, what "country swing" really refers to, and this is his answer:

Country Swing is a vague term which is generally used to refer to the body of danceable country music, and the styles of dancing which is done to it, produced since the early sixties. Generally, it is not a term used by the cognati of the country/western dance scene. "Country music" and "country dancing" are certainly used, as is "western swing" to refer to a particular subsection of that musical style and dance. "Cowboy swing" is often used to describe a style of East Coast Swing which is done without significant footwork -- a style known as "Goat Roping" to those of us who frown upon it.

Ghostdancer, I think you were describing "goat roping", from my memory of this dance. The Sweetheart and Pretzel are done in ballroom EC Swing, but the window would have clued me to the country background.
Re: re: Country Swing Question
Posted by danceswithdogs
8/7/2011  11:24:00 PM
Ballroom studios and dancers should not try to answer questions about western dancing. They never get it right. Nor should they try to teach it as they are not qualified. I have a huge background in western 23 years of teaching it. What you are refering to as country swing is really the 4 count swing. Easy steps most versatile swing I know of. I give it to all my begineers to build their confidence and I use it 50% of the time. I've Taught wcs correctly for 20 years. 4-ct was buried by Goat ropers first then by ballroom who purposely changed it because they know western dancers really don't know how to dance. The Goat Ropers or rodeo riders and fans some how got on the wrong foot and the mistake stuck. This ruined a great dance. These people sometimes get on the back of live Bulls if that tells you anything. Western instuctors mostly ingnored it as the demand for other swings rose. Our loss. Ballroom calls it a four count Hustle their loss. 4 count is a gracefull,beautiful dance thats alot of fun when done correctly.
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