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straight to the heart (with a knife)
Posted by UraniumSyllabus
7/13/2010  6:30:00 PM
This one is for the guys. Notably, the amateur guys.

Ok, so there's a lot of women out there who dance while their husbands don't. And their husbands are ok with it for a variety of reasons (from "it's her thing and she's paying for it" to "I fear she may kill me in my sleep if I ask her to stop.")

But, are there any husbands who do it whose wives don't? I mean, I don't really care if someone I meet does, since it's my thing and my private time, but I feel like I need to keep it a secret, otherwise she'll feel like she's bested in something she's been led to believe women should be better at. And I'm not giving it up for someone else's insecurities.

Pro guys need not respond - I know pro guys whose wives/girlfriends know it brings home the money. And, of course, those who use their job title to plant the seed of free lessons in the minds of women they meet at the bar... use and be used.
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