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Re: Arthur Murray
Posted by Ash
7/22/2010  9:01:00 PM
Arthur Murray does not stink. I have been taking lessons there for awhile. The way people describe their studios is very different than mine. I have reliable awesome instructors that love and are amazing at what they are doing. Every single one knows that they are doing. They never hold me back in training..in fact since I am a quick learner they helped me learn bronze level steps in my social program to prepare me since I was a little more advanced..at no extra charge. They are awesome!! :) Just depends on which studio I guess..it is not all Arthur Murray's.. depends on the owner
Re: Arthur Murray
Posted by Jessica
7/23/2010  11:27:00 AM
I decided to try out a free lesson at AM in South Jersey and it was a great decision. My husband and I signed up for the into package and now are signed up for the year at Bronze Level 1. Our instructor makes us feel comfortable and works on helping us to overcome any obstacles. Everyone has been professional towards us so far. I am having fun with my husband learning to dance. Yes, it is pricey, yes I could smell the sales pitch from a mile away, but they deliver and we are having fun. And everyone who works there seems to genuinely love to dance. Also, they bring in dance professionals on occasion to teach the higher level classes which I think is cool. As long as I feel I am getting something for the money I spend, I will continue to go to AM. Good job AM!
Re: Arthur Murray
Posted by mascutt
7/26/2010  4:14:00 AM
Jessica - in the end all that matters is that you are happy and feel you are getting a return on your investment. AM and FADS are not perfect places, but then again, neither does having the term "Independent" in front of your studio name guarantee perfection.

I worked for AM almost 30 years ago. I left only because of the sales pressure (I was not comfortable doing that). But the students there were happy and danced well. I remember thinking, WOW, as soon as the students realize there are independent studios out there that are half price and don't pressure, they will come flying. But they never did; they stayed until that studio closed and still never went anywhere else. But that was a strong AM studio and was giving a return on students' investments. Remember, former Champions David & Carrie Kloss, Perry & Diane Gingerich, even Bill Sparks and Shirley Johnson and the one and only Sam Sodano, all at one time belonged to AM.

That said, there are a lot of studios out there (AM, FADS, and independent) who do take advantage of people, and offer beginner teachers (who are only one step ahead of their students)for more money than others pay to have champion-level instructors. It's just smart shopping, in this day and economy, to really make certain of where your discretionary funds go, and that you always get what you want for your money.

So as long as you are happy and feel you are getting what you want, then you are in the right place for you :) Best of luck and happy dancing :)

Re: Arthur Murray
Posted by moneysuckers1
2/20/2013  6:20:00 PM
So true
Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by dpalincs
8/3/2010  1:29:00 PM
I know that this conversation comes up every couple of weeks on this message board and nobody's mind is going to change either way by reading the 150 posts on this page but I just want to say that I do think it is a shame that SOME AM studios have lousy underprepared instructors. But, when you get a GREAT instructor, AM has some benefits:
Getting together with other studios for shows, parties, and competitions
Access to the best coaches in the US
A really nice family-like feeling with all of your fellow dancers
Re: Arthur Murray
Posted by anymouse
8/5/2010  10:07:00 AM
One need not work for a chain to get access to the best coaches. They are quite accessible to serious students, professional competitors, and teachers seeking to refine their knowledge.
Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by WR
8/7/2010  6:14:00 AM
I've been involved with an Arthur Murray studio a couple of years and while it IS a franchis and is NOT cheap, my experience of the instruction is quite different. I've also checked out a few of the fine independents in my area to compare.
The AM instructors I've experienced have been quite competent and professional and if anything, have pushed me beyond my own barriers.
The "manual", I believe is meant to be a guideline and formula, building on a solid foundation.
I'm sure that with anyorganization, there are those who will "prey" on emmotions, etc. and lead people on or strictly rely on the "manual", but I've not seen that, so far in this area.
Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by louise
9/10/2010  6:31:00 AM
I have taken lessons at Arthur Murray and it seems you should get a lot more for you buck ....from 120 to 140 dollars per lesson.....people should think of what it is they are getting for their money and they will do whatever it takes to get you to buy more lessons. It is a franchise so no matter which arthur murray you step into it will be all the same tactics.
Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by And so does your dancing
9/10/2010  11:29:00 AM
Yes I have heard the debate of chains vs. independent studios since I stepped into the art of ballroom dancing. Just something I want you to keep in mind no matter who is your teacher or which studio you claim your from...it doesn't matter the amount of steps you know. What matters it the time you have spent practicing and honing your skills. Whether you are working on balance, turn out, rhythm, etc. etc. If you take the time to learn things slowly your body can't adjust to the changes. Take your time and learn thoroughly. You will be the best dancer on the floor if learning is done methodically. Ballet for example: you may spend an hour and a half at the barre and only 30 minutes actually dancing or floor work. But no no no, ballroom is different you can just cram feed your body and dance dance dance looking like an idiot..right is that what you want from a studio; steps when you 'think' you are ready for them as a student. My point is, trust your teacher. Your teacher knows more about your abilities than you do. "Holding me back" can you seriously say that while looking into a mirror. What a joke, if you got the ass whopping dance lesson your looking for from day one, you might not have lasted a month. There is a reason behind a syllabus, elements, behind technique and if you feel thats slowing you down.... your still not getting it. And as for the push to buy dance lessons - you always need them, chains just try to convince you why. Sounds like that didn't work out so well for you.
Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by TangoFandango
9/11/2010  3:41:00 PM
Wow, this topic has migrated so far to the right of my screen, I am having to go next door to read the posts!

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