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Re: Arthur Murray
Posted by mascutt
7/26/2010  4:14:00 AM
Jessica - in the end all that matters is that you are happy and feel you are getting a return on your investment. AM and FADS are not perfect places, but then again, neither does having the term "Independent" in front of your studio name guarantee perfection.

I worked for AM almost 30 years ago. I left only because of the sales pressure (I was not comfortable doing that). But the students there were happy and danced well. I remember thinking, WOW, as soon as the students realize there are independent studios out there that are half price and don't pressure, they will come flying. But they never did; they stayed until that studio closed and still never went anywhere else. But that was a strong AM studio and was giving a return on students' investments. Remember, former Champions David & Carrie Kloss, Perry & Diane Gingerich, even Bill Sparks and Shirley Johnson and the one and only Sam Sodano, all at one time belonged to AM.

That said, there are a lot of studios out there (AM, FADS, and independent) who do take advantage of people, and offer beginner teachers (who are only one step ahead of their students)for more money than others pay to have champion-level instructors. It's just smart shopping, in this day and economy, to really make certain of where your discretionary funds go, and that you always get what you want for your money.

So as long as you are happy and feel you are getting what you want, then you are in the right place for you :) Best of luck and happy dancing :)

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