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Re: Arthur Murray Showcase
Posted by terence2
9/5/2010  9:41:00 AM
JJ.. do you REALLY believe that ALL Pro/Am is about the lack of maturity ?

There are countless ladies who dance in that division ( and some guys ) who are quite content to dance with a Pro. for many reasons other than their L.O.M. .. Prime reason ? lack of male partners.. would you have them sit on the sidelines in the eternal "waiting room" ?..

If there were NO Pro /Am comps.. the majority of comps would cease to exist.. they fund the way for the aspiring Pros and Amat.

The solid fact is.. that a Major world body, has been encouraging the pro/Am status, and the last event they sponsored in Argentina , was attended by over 40 countries.. Dancing, believe it or not it IS a business ..

Lastly.. the " value " in Pro/Am is reflected in the Prize money for Pro comps ( many rely upon this for income ).. it also may affect the quality of Judging ..( promoters could not afford the current diversity )
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