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Posted by jofjonesboro
9/5/2010  9:22:00 PM
JJ.. do you REALLY believe that ALL Pro/Am is about the lack of maturity ?


. . . would you have them sit on the sidelines in the eternal "waiting room"

In truth, they're always "sitting on the sidelines" (Are we talking about dancing or football?) when their pro is dancing with someone else.

These folks are content (interesting choice of words, suggesting that they'd be happier with something more genuine) simply because they don't know any better.

. . . that a Major world body, has been encouraging the pro/Am status . . . .

Strange that you're not willing to name that "major world body."

Yes, I am well aware that many dance organizations are pushing pro/am for one simple reason: money.

And the fact that dancing is a business does not excuse the ruthless exploitation of the amateur dancing public for every penny that can be wrung out of them.

. . . the " value " in Pro/Am is reflected in the Prize money for Pro comps . . . .

No, the Prize money for pro comps reflects the gullibility of amateurs who are misled, lied to, and conned into spending far more money than they should be just to learn how to dance. Sadly, as Silver's post explains, these people don't really learn how to dance.

From where do you think that prize money comes? What is the source of ALL of the money that maintains the dance profession? The answer is simple: amateur dancers.

Your response is more than a little disingenuous, terence. Yes, pro/am is being pushed as it is promoted at the expense of amateur dancing. USA Dance allows pros to complete against amateurs. The NDCA seems determined to eliminate amateur competition by forcing everyone into pro/am.

It's all for money.

Dance teachers used to succeed by spending the time and energy to build a solid base of students and maintaining their schools through the quality of their teaching and student loyalty. I know several dance teachers who do no pro/am and still make good livings.

You need to practice full disclosure, terence, and note in your responses that you earn your living by teaching dancing. You are not an impartial observer on this issue.

Remember, no one ever pointed a gun at your head and forced you to teach dancing.

Finally, if the majoirty of dance competitions would cease to exist without pro/am then they shouldn't exist in the first place. Just go on to NDCA's website and look at the competition calendar. No one - except the genuine amateur - is suffering from a lack of competition events.


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