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Re: Arthur Murray Showcase
Posted by silver
9/5/2010  9:40:00 PM
I would love to participate in a pro-am or amateur comp if we had more people in our area interested in that aspect of ballroom. (And if teachers didn't expect a free vacation out the deal.) I don't mind paying for what I want, but there has to be a limit in what the teacher expects as compensation. On another note: My showcase is coming along nicely. But I have had to be assertive. I was once a part of a group showcase that was was choreographed by an excellent coach. (He has 5 US titles in his past.) Our teacher for the showcase then set out to change things around over time. She dumbed it down for 3 of the 8 people in the group. And guess what? The 5 of us won't participate in her schemes any more. The challenging, syllibus based choreography the coach gave us was perfectly designed to teach new skills, but was a bit much for the few, so the majority suffered. The teacher didn't want anybody's feelings hurt 'cause that might reflect adversely upon her. I get so sick of some of the ego-centric crap that permeates the dance teaching industry sometimes! OK, I'll get off my box and go to bed.
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