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There are guns and then there are guns.
Posted by jofjonesboro
9/6/2010  8:53:00 AM
NO one puts a gun to the head of those that wish to participate in Pro/Am.. its a free market place and choice should always be an option ..

Not literally, perhaps, but I know of numerous cases in which beginnning couples have been convinced that splitting up and doing pro/am is the best way to develop, advice that is categorically untrue but which works to the financial benefit of the studio.

Choice depends on having information and, in the case of beginning amateurs, that information is all in the hands of the pros. The students are trusting the professionals to act in the students' best interest. Many pros do but sadly many do not.

And I vehemently disagree with your appraisal about Amat comps ,sustaining Comps in general on a local and national basis

Strange; the Southeast Regional Championship in Atlanta was one of the biggest and most successful competitions in the US until USA Dance shut it down for reasons that have never been adequately explained.

Perhaps you meant to say that amateur comps alone won't sustain the ambitions of all of the pros looking for students.

They( comps ) are also a " gateway " of experience for the young Prof to get comp. experience.

Yes, terence, we all understand that pro/am competing is very beneficial to the pro. However, that benefit comes at the expense of the students.

Why can't young pros just compete against other young pros?

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