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Re: There are guns and then there are guns.
Posted by terence2
9/6/2010  9:02:00 AM
They do.. but..even in the UK one could not put 2 rounds together .. and you keep ignoring the cost factor of Judges ( not to even mention all the other costs ).

The States is even worse ( travel costs are prohibitive on a regular basis )..

The Amat. deal was about politics ( as usual ) even so.. if you ran only Amat. ther entry fees would not cover one days expenses ( As I said, have rant too many, and know the cost of putting these things together )..
Also,, the most succ. comp for Amat. has always been the U.S .championships.. the one that matters most in world rankings...

And Im curious, what benefit would it be to you if there were only Amat. comps ?...

The " market place " of dance, is driven by demand.. if it was a fruitless exercise, then it would have disappeared yrs ago..
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