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It's all amateur money.
Posted by jofjonesboro
9/6/2010  9:23:00 AM
. . . if you ran only Amat. ther entry fees would not cover one days expenses . . .

I see that you ignored my point that ALL financing for ballroom dancing events ultimately comes from amateur students paying for lessons, classes, and events. Where do you think the pros get their money?

The reality is that pro/am competitions are financed by amateurs as much a amateur competitions are.

. . . what benefit would it be to you if there were only Amat. comps ?...

First, I've never proposed that professional and pro/am comps be eliminated. I just want amateur dancers to be better informed.

Second, I suppose that having no pro/am competitions would increase the number of available amateur partners but I can only dance with one at a time.

Also, most people who do only pro/am would not stay with competing for long if they were forced to face the fact that they can't really dance.

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