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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by And so does your dancing
9/10/2010  11:29:00 AM
Yes I have heard the debate of chains vs. independent studios since I stepped into the art of ballroom dancing. Just something I want you to keep in mind no matter who is your teacher or which studio you claim your from...it doesn't matter the amount of steps you know. What matters it the time you have spent practicing and honing your skills. Whether you are working on balance, turn out, rhythm, etc. etc. If you take the time to learn things slowly your body can't adjust to the changes. Take your time and learn thoroughly. You will be the best dancer on the floor if learning is done methodically. Ballet for example: you may spend an hour and a half at the barre and only 30 minutes actually dancing or floor work. But no no no, ballroom is different you can just cram feed your body and dance dance dance looking like an idiot..right is that what you want from a studio; steps when you 'think' you are ready for them as a student. My point is, trust your teacher. Your teacher knows more about your abilities than you do. "Holding me back" can you seriously say that while looking into a mirror. What a joke, if you got the ass whopping dance lesson your looking for from day one, you might not have lasted a month. There is a reason behind a syllabus, elements, behind technique and if you feel thats slowing you down.... your still not getting it. And as for the push to buy dance lessons - you always need them, chains just try to convince you why. Sounds like that didn't work out so well for you.
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