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Really New & Scared
Posted by MrMarkR4U
9/10/2010  4:37:00 PM
I just got through my first lessons that I purchased as a special during Valentine's Day from A.M. I do not have a partner, and so far I have been loving it up. All of the instructors have been fantastic. Now, with my first real purchase of several lessons, I went into the beginner's practice after the private lesson, and was in the room with only "students that have been taught there for 2 or more years. I felt inadequate. And one of the three instructors just let me go around and be clumsy .( who isn't at this point)( She was a 10 with the others) Today, the day after, I have this depression starting to overwhelm me. Is this normal, and is there any tricks to overcome it. I want to dance and be good at it.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance, Me.
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