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Re: Really New & Scared
Posted by belleofyourball
9/11/2010  1:03:00 AM
I can't say I understand the particulars of your situation...but generally let me respond.

It is normal to hit that cold bitter wall the first time you come across other students that you don't know. Try not to gauge your progress against theirs. You don't really know how long they've been dancing. (By the way why are they keeping groups of students isolated from each other? You should all be spending time using the same dance floor, together.)

I remember feelings of misery and anguish when I jumped out of my chain and hit the floor of my first real dance studio. I had been dancing for years and I felt so lost and so inadequate and hopeless. It passes. You get better and you'll be better than some and not as good as others and even the best of the competing pros don't always win. There will always be somebody out there who is better than you, and thank goodness there is always by default someone who is worse. Gauge your progress only by the changes you make, the improvements you feel in what you can do. Only you know if you are pushing yourself to your limits.

That being said...not everyone dances well together so don't let the instructors dancing with you clumsily bother you as far as your own skill. Now to her skill...I would be concerned. Honestly many chain instructors aren't much more advanced than the students they are teaching. She may just not be as good as you think. You sound like you haven't had exposure to a lot of other professional dancers.

If I had a penny for every "prodigy" ballroom dancer who was brilliant within two months and then you find out they've had 10+ years of ballet...so don't buy into the head games.
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