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Re: Really New & Scared
Posted by Ladydance
9/11/2010  7:12:00 AM
"And one of the three instructors just let me go around and be clumsy ."

Since it was a practice party, she was not there to instruct. She was letting you get the feel of dancing with a partner. You have to learn to lead. She probably could have back led you through dance but then you wouldn't learn anything. There are no 'tricks' or shortcuts in dancing. You need to learn your steps so that they are automatic, muscle memory takes time. Frame is very important, keep your head up, your arms up and your elbows in front. Then you have to learn to hear the '1' in the music so you know when to start. It's a great deal in the beginning and can be overwhelming. Practice is the only way to improve. Don't get discouraged.
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