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Re: Really New & Scared
Posted by Days&Nights
9/16/2010  9:38:00 PM
Do not get all over yourself about being in a room with dancers or rather people learning how to dance - who know more or practice more than you. That's how everyone starts out. Bell makes excellent points. You've purchased your lessons and I'm assuming it is an AM studio. Some of the instructors (having been at several of these franchise studios before I left) sometimes you will be dancing with "instructors in training" as they were called. Suggestion, practice at home, go to the socials, and group parties where you can dance with other students, learn to forgive yourself, remember dance is a process and there is progress on many fronts even if you don't feel your where you want to be. When you can decide what it is you want out of dancing goals for yourself you might find yourself looking for an independent instructor or a studio that is not a franchise chain. I'm saying "might" I'm not saying you will. In the meantime, play some music, practice practice practice and smile - it will make all the difference in the world.
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