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Re: Really New & Scared
Posted by MrMarkR4U
9/21/2010  11:47:00 AM
For all of you that responded to my first message, I want to thank you for putting my head on straight. I willnot and stop being enamored by the instructors. Understanding what you all said. As for that one instructor, I understand the position she was in to let me practice my lead, even though I enjoyed my private instuctor back leads me. As for the practice session goes the calander says "new beginner practice"- when else can those who have put in years get a chance to practise.The studio doesn't have 1 year level practice and so forth. I will take those sessions as they come and question as much as I can. As for the beginner feeling, know that at a studio I will always be the beginner based on my time spent. I will curtail my private instruction to where I feel I can use the lessons learned, and not to take those dances that the instructor thinks I would be good at. I may never have the opportunity to use that skill, so why spend the time and money.
I am so glad to hear from all of you and your input on the different phases that I'm going thru. Thanks for the support, and don't ever stop. We who need questions asked and get responses back are very greatful for a site like this one. Your all the best. Mark
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