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Re: Really New & Scared
Posted by hsiers
9/21/2010  2:40:00 PM
I feel your pain! I don't have a partner either. I started to go to social dances a little bit less than two years ago and without having any formal instruction. Now I am taking classes here and there. It is just overwhelming! For some dances I am still a beginner (smooth), but for some others I am intermediate (Latin). I had to deal with a couple of jerks that let me standing on the floor because I was unable to follow their fancy moves. I still have to put up with others that "supposedly" dance well, but all they do is jerk me around, even after I tell them that I am a beginner! There are also a lot of pros that are willing to help you! Don't give up, the best way to learn is going out and dance. Practice, practice, and practice. It doesn't matter if you make mistakes on the dance floor, just stop and start again! Don't let anybody scare you away. Keep dancing; it is not easy but it is worth it!
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