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Re: We need more black pros.
Posted by anymouse
9/22/2010  10:08:00 AM
"The truth is that the professional teaching corps in ballroom is virtually all white.

When we get some more African-Americans among the ranks of the pros then we'll have more black participation in formal dancing."

The skilled professional teaching corps is overwhelmingly staffed by the alumni of youth programs, to a limited degree those in the US but mostly those in european countries.

As a practical matter, the demographics of your professionals are going to reflect the demographics of your youth recruits (domestic and global) of the preceding two decades.

Ballroom has a huge amount of cultural-self selection in terms of rates of pursued interest. There is very little push-marketing of effective ballroom training, so those who manage to do more than just spend a lot of money are mostly those who had enough interest to seek it out on their own.
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