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Re: Is 22 too old?
Posted by belleofyourball
11/15/2010  10:24:00 AM
first of all anymouse gives good advice...and 2nd...

If you have talent and drive and a work ethic you can succeed (assuming your ambition doesn't override your sense). You can probably, with enough work win in American Rhythm or Smooth. If you stay in America you can probably even climb the ranks of International Latin and Standard. (I see far fewer pros in America competing in that than the American divisions so there is much less competition.)

As far as are you going to win at Blackpool or any real overseas competition...don't hold your breath. It isn't even about age though that is a factor. Most of those people have access to the best coaches and training money can buy. They've been practicing for years and competing for just as long...then we start talking about the politics of those competitions and let us not even get going on that :~}

Good luck...I hope you do well and that your ambitions are met with success.
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