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Re: Your best teacher is/was?
Posted by a1coda
12/4/2010  2:44:00 PM
The best advice given to me from my coach was 'always have fun doing what you are doing. It makes learning easier and always wanting more." There was/is no better coach than Sam Sadano. His sessions were always fun, you left learning a lot and having a good laugh along the way.
With that said, I also learned a great deal from Patricia Traymore, one of the most graceful dancers I have ever seen. She was a little stricter in the way she taught but when she was finsihed with you...you could dance.
I also trained with Vicki Venka...now there is one hell of a drill sgt. She was all business but she made sure that you learned the art. On the lighter side, if you fed her (yes, I said it) she would lighten up.
BUT three of the best in the business.
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