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Re: Hi, Katie.
Posted by yourfirstdance
12/30/2010  6:02:00 PM
Hi Katie,

I have been dancing since I was 21. Talk about starting late. Within a year I was competing. I have won everything from bronze to gold medals. If you have the desire than you can dance. I wish I could have started at 14. Thats a wonderful age to start at. I now teach and have been for over 30 years. By the way, you can learn timing, I did. I didnt have a musical note in me. My teacher helped me there. And if 14 is too old dont tell my oldest student that, she was 84 when she started with two hip transplants.

As far as partners are concerned I agree about the boys and shaving their heads. If you can get one to try they most often will love it. I have two boys of my own and even though I had to make them get up and dance one told me once he was up he really enjoyed it. My oldest even preformed with me. No boys? then get a girlfriend to learn the boys part. I had a friend do that after she learned following. You can switch places later so now you both know how to follow and lead. Great head start to being a teacher. Need to know how to do both.

Good luck
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