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Re: Judging
Posted by belleofyourball
1/13/2011  10:43:00 PM
I don't know what people say they are judging...but when watching a comp this is what seems to me to be what's being judged...

I think judges look for all of the things everyone else said...but I think they also look at whether or not 'you've paid your dues'

When at a couple of the major comps I've noticed that when you get to the final rounds the girls all have the same gorgeous legs and figures. The guys have the same body shape. Some of that is due to work but like legs...you can't change the shape of your legs.

I think that the chemistry between the partners is something essential that gets overlooked. The emotion has to look believable.

Also if the judges are looking at the same choreography over and over again....I believe they get bored because many of the same judges, judge all the major competitions.
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