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Re: Judging
Posted by terence2
1/13/2011  11:59:00 PM
Interesting observation ( the bodies etc ).

If one looks at top flite Amats or Pros, one should remember, yrs of practice have gone into developing a toned body .

On the other hand, there was a couple that danced as Amats in the late 40s early 50s in the UK, where the man was "portly " and the lady very slim. They became the SE Uk champions .

Scrivener once made an interesting comment..he said that Silhoutte was an important part of HOW we display ourselves on a dance floor .

Being an adjudicator is about "opinions".. thats why we have an odd number in major events ( it should create a majority ) .

AS to paying dues , of course, if one is seeing the SAME couples over and over during the course of a yr, then it does simplify the task to some degree ( not always ) in fact, to some degree it helps .

The more difficult thing to adjudicate are the " newcomers " ,especially when there are heats that are sometimes on a crowded floor .

And if anyone thinks its an easy task, then think again ( it can be very tiring mentally and physically ), standing for hrs on end .

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