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My shadow would not make such silly statements.
Posted by jofjonesboro
1/24/2011  8:01:00 AM
To anyone to whom it would be useful.

Your response is a truism, which is no response at all.

Your opinion that it would be meaningless to 99% is just that: you are seeming to represent it as a statement of fact. That's a bit unfair.

Well, let's see. dance-partner.com claims that it has more than 72,000 members. With no other indicators available, we'll take that number as a measure of the ballroom-dancing population of the US or North America (I suspect that the true number is greater). dance-partner.com lists dancers for all types of social dancing.

1% of 72,000 would be 720 dancers, which one could easily interpret as 360 couples.

No competition in the country draws anywhere near that number of couples, meaning that there are not that many folks willing to travel nationwide for a COMPETITION, let alone a class.

So I stand by my 99%. If you wish to dispute it, please provide some substantiation instead of insults.

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