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Re: Ballroom Dance Classes Directory
Posted by silver
1/24/2011  10:35:00 AM
If kept updated with current information, a national listing might be of greater use than a generic internet search. I have used search engines in an effort to locate dance studios only to find numerous, outdated listings for the same business. You don't learn the listings are outdated until you call and waste a lot of time. Often, a generic search via the web is one of the worst ways to find a dance studio. You're often better off looking in the local yellow pages. The real problem will be if the site hosting the information will take the steps to keep their data current. There are studios listed here on this site that are outdated or no longer exist. Many of those studios are missing out on a good thing by not staying current. You can't expect the webmaster to keep you up to date when they are giving you free publicity.
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