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Re: Good lord!
Posted by dheun
1/25/2011  8:38:00 AM
Now, now, kids. Be nice. You're both actually correct.
The original poster can't possibly know what he/she is getting into, so their desire for something simple could be viewed in different ways.
I agree with you both in saying that the Viennese Waltz is quite difficult, other than the simple turns that Telemark suggests. But I also know that those new to dance could find those steps fairly tough, not to mention the possibility of getting dizzy.
No way a man who has never danced before is going to get the timing down and feel of the cross step in two lessons, so it's likely to be natural turns around and around, etc.
There is no doubt we all agree on one thing: Go to a studio and see about a couple of private lessons. Trying to do it online may keep you from falling on the floor or stepping on toes, but it likely won't teach you the dance, or how it should feel.
Either way, as jofj suggests, it is a wedding -- and those are fun, no matter what the wedding couple does for a dance!
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