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Re: what should I start with?
Posted by belleofyourball
1/25/2011  8:56:00 PM
I don't know. He sounds like he has very low expectations and doesn't really want to do more than just slow dance. The VW is a little bit fussy even in its simplicity. It also is a hard dance for someone who hasn't danced. Foot position, weight on the floor, rotation and movement are too hard for a brand spanking new beginner.

If this guy doesn't want to do more than not step on each other the VW is the wrong dance. He's more likely to step on her in this dance than any in the world. (and vice versa) I do say jof is right that it is the right dance for the song. I think its the wrong dance for someone who wants to take the path of least resistance.

Do a regular waltz to the music, you should look up the box step, the natural and reverse turns and maybe get fancy with a promenade and then dance together until you start feeling okay. Make sure you start enjoying dancing together.

Now, if you really wanted to look like this was something that mattered more than as a sentimental moment you would put some real time to this. You would take lessons, practice and forget about anything online.

However you do this...have fun. Your dancing should be about enjoying yourself.
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