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Re: what should I start with?
Posted by anymouse
1/26/2011  10:20:00 AM
"My fiancee and I are getting married in September, and would like to take some online dance lessons. We do not want a choreographed first dance, but want to not step on each others toes during our first dance, as we do now! Our song is "Catch the Wind" by Donovan.
What is our best plan of action? Where should we start?
Any tips are greatly appreciated!"

The turning basics that most of us consider the foundation of viennese waltz are as others point out a bit difficult to learn and hard to do on a small floor.

But no rule says that you absolutely have to build your dance around them. You could use more stationary sidestep and sway type figures, as might be seen in a cotillion type setting vs. a ballroom competition. Instead of taking 3 steps per measure, a lot of these will have you taking only one step and holding, or in some cases two uneven ones. Without time to build the skill of smoothing out the body movement across the 3 steps of the turning figures, this is going to be a lot more elegant and less frantic looking.

There are some ballroom dances such as rumba, swing, rhythm foxtrot, and to a degree slow waltz where the key ideas can be distilled down in a few lessons and made accessible; but viennese waltz isn't one of them, so if you have your heart set on this music, then you probably want a more pragmatic approach than the traveling ballroom concept of it.
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