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Re: Men as followers
Posted by dancesportdave
3/14/2011  2:27:00 PM
I can lead so I will be happy to tell you why I use a professional instructor.

My instructor knows how to move her body. She can get out of my way. Leading doesn't mean picking up a rag doll and throwing her around the floor. We need partners and not everyone is willing or able to dance at a competitive level.

Do you know any good dancers that have never worked with a professional? I don't. Even the professionals are dancing with other professionals. Would you expect a professional to choose one of his students to dance a championship level competition just to demonstrate his great leading skills? Of course not.

My instructor is paid to NOT backlead. She is paid to help me experience good dancing so that I can replicate the experience with other amateurs.

Now as far as Amateur competitions go, I think they are valuable but I doubt their honesty. I once watched a finals in Atlanta where the nations top amateur couple was dancing.

The lady was ill and she ran off the floor and vomited in the lobby during the final heat.

Not only did she fail to complete the competition but her performance suffered and she was still granted with the #1 trophy. I had never before seen a sports meet where someone abdicated but still won.
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