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Old and unwanted (sniff).
Posted by jofjonesboro
3/21/2011  7:35:00 AM
Younger women don't want them, . . .

I'll never dance with a young woman again!

Seriously, I had a much younger partner for about a year and a half. She put up with me because she wanted the dance training and had zero prospects for another partner (this was not in Atlanta). As should have been expected, we never really learned to communicate with each other but were wise enough to understand the value of the partnership (even though, competitively, we were a terrible couple - she never wanted to practice).

My experience tells me that your comment about skilled older leads - while not pleasant to contemplate - may be true more often than not.

However, I can honestly say that I've never rejected an older woman in favor of a younger one. At the time of my partnership with the younger woman, I had not danced in a few months and had no other immediate prospects.

Thanks for the explanation about the situation in Europe.

And bless you for helping students to find partners.


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