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Re: Oh, my!
Posted by silver
3/22/2011  10:44:00 AM
In the ballroom hold we have one half a body thickness, thats us, plus the whole body of a partner. It goes without saying that not everybody is exactly the same build and that there is a great difference between partnerships

Telemark, I'm still confused as to what happens to the other 1/2 of my body. I accept that we are not all the same thickness. But what am I missing here? With 1/2 of my body thickness plus a whole body thickness of let's say, my teacher, where does that leave the other 1/2 of my body in the "ballroom hold"? In metaphysical terms, does the other 1/2 even exist? If it doesn't, then does it really take two to tango because apparently, I've been doing it with only 1-1/2. And with that 1/2 missing, wouldn't that throw the whole moment of inertia in the partnership out from the perceived center of the ballroom hold? Is there a theoretical physicist on this site? I'm in need of consultation.
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