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Re: Seriously? (Male partner wanted in Botswana)
Posted by belleofyourball
4/17/2011  12:12:00 PM

I have been to many countries and butchered many languages but I was trying.

English, written or otherwise requires the majority of letters to be written. This is stupid teeny bopper lazy garbage. Text speak is not any form of English and I think it is rude to subject strangers to it. Society as a whole is ever removing itself from basic manners with technology as an excuse. I say with the time technology saves us we should be capable of spelling out full words or at least trying.

There are a lot of people on here who have marginal English skills and that I don't have a problem with

....ooh yeah...am en love with ballroom dancer.............if u ar interest send me msg

This I do have a problem with. If you look in your email spam bucket you'll see similar messages from hookers, looking for a free ride to another country and trading their bodies for the opportunity.
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