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Re: Seriously?
Posted by cbmp
4/17/2011  1:35:00 PM
"Text speak is not any form of English and I think it is rude to subject strangers to it. Society as a whole is ever removing itself from basic manners with technology as an excuse."

I wasn't going to dignify the original post on this thread by commenting in any form. But I think you've hit the crux of the matter.

There was a time when written English (or French, German, whatever) was more formal than the spoken form. I believe this is still true of most languages. But, for some reason, English seems to be a glaring exception, in spite of spell-checking and even grammar-checking capabilities on our word processors.

Sadly, these days even scientific and technical writing is not spared this insult. Let us tolerate neither this, nor sloppy posture/footwork.
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