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Re: Seriously?
Posted by belleofyourball
4/20/2011  10:44:00 PM

You and I aren't going to agree on this. I don't actually mind people trying to struggle to speak a language...or write a language.

Pidgin English is something I have been introduced to and I will be honest...I've been to almost 50 countries and been exposed to plenty of dialects. I've been to every continent but Antarctia...charming local dialect here doesn't ring true in my ears.

I am really not that old...trust me I don't have any grey hair and it didn't get that way because I dye it. So that isn't a valid argument to use against me either.

I recognize text speak...I saw it I recognized it...I felt it was unacceptable.

The question is why do you feel so desperate to accept rude writing? Why do you need to defend it? What stake do you have in approving of her so called 'pidgin' English?

Sociologicaly speaking...you are not doing her or anyone else any favors by accepting inappropriate communications no matter how 'colorful' you might feel they are.

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