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Re: Am i too old at 22 to start dancing?
Posted by Ladydance
5/11/2011  5:57:00 AM
Too old to start dancing at 22? No, but you are too old to start now and become a world champion. Most champions started as children. Although you have been dancing "most of your life", everything you have done has been without a partner. If you watch 'So you think you can dance', you will know that the best hip hop, jazz etc. dancers struggle with learning to partner effectively. At 22, you will be starting all over again. Just because you can dance several other styles does not mean you can dance ballroom. Ballroom/latin has it's own special skill sets and strict rules for technique, footwork, etc. I doubt you will find a partner to go to the championship level with at your age. Anyone who wants to achieve that level has been dancing for years and will not start over again with a beginner. And you will be a beginner, believe me.
I don't want to discourage you but setting your sights on a world championship is unrealistic.
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