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Re: Am i too old at 22 to start dancing?
Posted by belleofyourball
5/12/2011  4:25:00 PM
It really kind of depends on what you mean by world champion and in what arena.

If you are looking at being Slavik's next partner and winning Black Pool...well that is going to be difficult. It seems that the European Comps which I consider to be much more prestigious than the US comps are as political as they are about raw talent.

You have to pay your dues so to speak and it really can take years to be a good dancer. That can put you toward your late 20's before you are worthy to be on the floor with the best of the best and then into your early 30's before anyone will even pretend to acknowledge you no matter how good you are. On your side....youth, and lots of experience and all your work in the other dances is going to cut some of the learning curve out of your work.

If you are talking US comps then you'll fare better, In My Opinion. But being a World Champ isn't all there is in dance. There is a lot in between and tons of fun and good experiences. Don't let your age stop you. Get out there and learn and have fun...

Good luck!
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