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Re: Pros and Cons of teaching for a chain VS. a in
Posted by ddancer
6/14/2011  12:07:00 AM
I've worked in a franchise for 5 years and have no complaints. I'm sorry to hear that others feel like their job had a lot to do with sales. If you are a good teacher the lessons sell themselves. Also an executive should be stepping in to handle tuition.

Yes, you are structured in your teaching, but for good reason. Your technique in basic figures must be built in order to be able to execute advanced patterns correctly. Many basic figures are designed to set you up for patterns to come later. I have had many students come to me from independent studios that have been taught patterns from all different levels. Sure, they can replicate the foot placement but can't lead them in a social environment because they lack the ability to differentiate it from similar patterns that they should have learned first. This is not to say that all independent instructors teach in this format, but I have seen it many times.

As far as training, we are initially trained in house but have regional training with top coaches multiple times per year.

I have no practical experience in an independent studio, so I will not guess at something I don't know about.
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