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Re: I think American is CRAP 1 year in the Garbage
Posted by Richard
6/14/2011  1:01:00 PM
Carp Garbage for a year ... or whatever ...

I am going to go out on a limb here. I will presume you to be young and hard to please which are NOT mutually synonymous. I will also venture a guess that you may be disillusioned with your present teaching venue, program, or goodness NO ... your teacher.

A word of advice. If any of the three are accurate assessments ... STOP! Get in touch with the school owner and sit down for a "Program Re-evaluation". Please DO NOT blame ANYONE else for your feelings. YOU are the one in control here. YOU are the ONLY person who can make YOU happy, and that "Program Re-evaluation" with the Studio owner may be just what you need. Both of you may be required to accurately assess your boggle.

Please remember; Dancing is supposed to be FUN. If it isn't, then something, or someone is indeed wrong; so take my advice ... step back. Bend a little to find that happy place in your mind, then ask for help.

In closing ... I wish you joy and success in all that you do ... but especially in dancing!

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