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Re: Petition
Posted by iandesouza.de
7/9/2011  6:25:00 AM
Caroline, the Olympic dream is over! The IOC recently made the decision that dance would NOT be included. 40 years ago we started chasing the olympic vision, perhaps things were not really handled correctly, as all we ended up with was a lot of burocracy and political problems. Even if you try to package the Art of Dance as sport, there is still going to be a high level of creativity, individual artistic interpretation, which can't give a clear cut judging decision which can be made if running a race where the first person across the line is the winner. Put Bill & Bobbie & Peter & Brenda on the same floor, they are both the best but totally different in their interpretation. That is what happens in Dance (and always will). Some will be unhappy about the IOC decision, some will see it as a benefit to the future of Dance.
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