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Re: Petition
Posted by anymouse
7/9/2011  7:40:00 AM
Beyond the appeal to those who haven't been around in dancing long enough to become aware of the severe tradeoffs involved, the whole "get dance in the olympics" movement and it's related organizational infrastructure is really about trying to borrow legitimacy for dancing by hitching it to the olympics.

"We are important because we are recognized by the IOC" - but really, what natural authority does the IOC to say what is important for dancing?

The true legitimacy in dancing is that which is conferred from recognition by the dancers ourselves.

Fortunately, dance is unlikely to EVER get in the olympics, because the IOC is playing the same game - they don't want to give the small opportunities for expansion to sports that seek to take something FROM the games to enhance their legitimacy, they want sports with an excess of legitimacy in the public eye (and advertising budget) which can be lent TO the games in order to strengthen them.
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