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Re: Petition
Posted by belleofyourball
7/9/2011  3:41:00 PM
I think it might be a little idealistic to want ballroom dancing in the Olympics. I think in Principal it would be great but what that would actually mean as it worked out on paper-I am nervous about that.

Look what the olympics has done to so many other sports and people claim that it will popularize whatever sport it is that goes in...but it doesn't. It just makes it more prone to scandal and intrigue.

We'll get the performance enhancing drugs and the dumbing down of movement. The individuality will disappear and everything will become formulaic. Extra points for an oversway in the second half, three turns in the first half of the routine, and x number of heel leads to toe leads with a certain number of arm extensions. You must end with a chasse cape to a drop and each body must have x degrees of turnout for this move or that move. For full points the foot must be x degrees on the final rotation.

No thank you....I love that dance is an art as well as a sport. I don't want to see that part of it dead.
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