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Re: Paying teachers way for comp
Posted by AMRhythmDancer
7/22/2011  9:48:00 AM

I completely understand how you feel. I have been competing Pro/Am and AM/AM for over 5 years now. When I did Pro/Am naturally I paid all of my teacher's expenses. Later I began to compete with my amateur partner and at a very high level immediately. We were fortunate enough to have a coach who also competes at Open Pro level so he was already at this comp, however, we paid any extra expenses (such as tickets to watch us etc).

I later competed and USA Dance comps (which are ONLY amateur) and therefore our coach was not scheduled to be there. We have done two things: 1. Had him prepare us completely and not had him be there, and 2. (at nationals) pay his expenses because we really wanted and needed him there.

It comes down to what you both NEED. If you need your coach there, then pay for him to be there. I f you don't necessarily feel the need for them to carry you through or prep you (which honestly is ok) then don't.

I will say this. If it is ONLY your second competition you might not be ready to e out on your own. It might be best to pay for this one - and make it clear that you are taking your instructor this time so he can guide you through and prepare you the night and hours before the comp as well. He is providing you a service and you will feel confident, relaxed, and ready to go!

Just my advice

Hope it helps!
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