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Re: Anybody out there?
Posted by Anonymous
9/30/2011  2:04:00 PM
Wopking also
Re: Anybody out there?
Posted by Anonymous
9/30/2011  2:07:00 PM
Sorry. Bad spelling .Should read working also. No problems
Re: Anybody out there?
Posted by nloftofan1
10/2/2011  9:35:00 AM
Mystery solved! I just sent two messages regarding difficulty in posting to the message board. I was not logged in. (I don't recall that I had to before, but maybe I was permanently logged in but got logged out during a Firefox upgrade (I usually use Firefox to access your site.)

So the combination of Firefox 7.0.1 under Mac OS X 10.6.8 is able to post to the message board with no problems.
Re: Anybody out there?
Posted by days&nights
10/4/2011  1:05:00 PM
I got it, noticed new formatting of web pages...just,...kinda....takin' it allll in. Working fine with Chrome.
Sidenote: the system did not recognize my username or password the first few days.
Re: Anybody out there?
Posted by danielp412
10/6/2011  12:13:00 PM
Hi I am new to you web site today. Seems you cant jump ahead on the waltz instruction. Keeps asking me to upgarde my membership
Re: Anybody out there?
Posted by Administrator
10/7/2011  9:40:00 AM
Hi Daniel,

That is correct. All figures are categorized to be viewed either by the general public, for registered users, or for premium members. In general, the beginning bronze level figures are free to the general public, without any requirements or restrictions. The intermediate bronze level figures are free to registered users who are logged in. Everything above that (currently full bronze, but beginning this week will start adding full silver material) is for premium members. Premium membership is $99 per year. For more information, go to http://www.ballroomdancers.com/Users/premium.asp.

Jonathan Atkinson
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